28 Mar 2018

Presentation of the Binational Socioeconomic Handbook

On March 28, Officials and private sector members from both Laredos presented the Binational Socioeconomic Handbook 2018, a consultation tool that includes the most important and representative aspects of the region.
This document was prepared in a joint effort between the Institute for Competitiveness and Foreign Trade of Nuevo Laredo, Laredo Chamber of Commerce, Laredo Economic Development Corporation and TAMIU.
The Handbook includes information and updated statistics produced and validated by the different institutions of the public and private sectors that seek the homogeneity of interest, knowledge and easy understanding of the available data to reflect and illustrate the benefits, strengths, and importance of the two Laredos in the national and international context.
The Binational Socioeconomic Handbook 2018, will be available in the next few days on the official government page of Nuevo Laredo and will be delivered to educational institutions, companies in their various spins and associations.