No. 1 Inland Port along US-Mexico Border

The Port of Laredo is the number 1 inland port along the US-Mexico border and rank No. 2 in the nation with $234.66 billion in imports and exports in 2018 according to U.S. Census Bureau data analyzed by WorldCity.

  • Approximately 4,590,586 trucks crossed the border in 2018 north and south bound
  • Home to 510 freight forwarders, 400 trucking companies, and 105 U.S. Customs Brokers
  • 1 Rail Bridge and 4 vehicle bridges: 2 for commercial, 3 for private vehicles
  • Goods shipped through Laredo travel to more than 60 countries

Port Laredo’s trade with the world rose 9.29 percent, from $214.72 billion to $234.66 billion in 2018 when compared to the same period the previous year, according to WorldCity analysis of the latest U.S. Census Bureau data.

Through December the district’s top five trade partners were No. 1 Mexico, No. 2 China, No. 3 Malaysia, No. 4 Thailand and No. 5 France compared to the same period  the previous year when the top five were No. 1 Mexico, No. 2 China, No. 3 Malaysia, No. 4 Thailand and No. 5 Japan, respectively.

More likely to devise novel products and processes 92%
Greater employee productivity 52%
Better response to customer needs 53%

International Bridges

Bridge 1- Gateway to the Americas Bridge Non-commercial and Pedestrian

Bridge 2- Lincoln-Juarez International Bridge Non-commercial

Bridge 3- Columbia Solidarity Bridge Non-commercial and Commercial

Bridge 4- World Trade Bridge Commercial

Between the World Trade Bridge and Columbia, about 12,000 commercial trucks cross the bridges each day.  This is only about 40% of the capacity of these bridges.

Rail Service

International rail service is provided by Union Pacific and Kansas City Southern.

Union Pacific provides Intermodal service within 8 miles of most industrial parks as well as service to Dallas and the Mid-West.

Kansas City Southern Railroad (KCSR) interchanges with Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) and Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and owns the Laredo International Railroad Bridge and Kansas Southern de Mexico (KCSM) that has interchange service at Laredo and Brownsville, Texas.  KCSM serves the Ports of Veracruz, Tampico, Lazaro Cardenas, Bulkmatic Transload Sercvice at Monterrey, Mexico and will service a Plastic, Steel, and Industrial product tans-loading center in Toluca.

In 2018, 3,067,960 rail cars crossed through the Port of Laredo from Mexico.

Air Cargo

The Laredo International Airport is a NAFTA gateway for air cargo.  In 2018, 685,524,777 pounds of air cargo landed via the Port of Laredo.  FedEx, BAX Global, DHL, and Airborne are a few of cargo carriers that serve the Laredo Community.

Commercial aviation is served by a state of the art passenger terminal with service from American and Continental Airlines.

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