Laredo is the largest, most efficient port of entry on the U.S./Mexico border. In 2017, the Port of Laredo handled 1,841,081 plus cross border loaded truck shipments, 239,138 rail car shipments and 450.1 million pounds of air freight. Currently, there are 830 trade-handling, transportation-related businesses in Laredo, Texas. Including cars, over 16.3 million vehicles crossed the Rio Grande at Laredo in 2017.


Laredo International Airport (956) 795-2000 – The Airport is located on 1,800 acres of a former U.S. Air Force Base.  The airport has two paralleled runways of 8,236 feet and 8,742 feet, and a cross-wind runway of 5,927 feet.  The 8,742 ft. runway is the longest commercial runway in South Texas and was reconstructed in 1997 to handle the heaviest aircraft now flying.  The runways are equipped with ILS (17R), LOC BC, VOR DME and NDB/GPS approaches.  The control tower is open 18 hours a day during the week and 14 hours per day on the weekends.  There are three (3) FBO’s at LRD, Landmark Aviation, Altair, and Barker Automotive.

Commercial aviation is served by a 78,000 modern passenger terminal with 4 jet boarding bridges.  Commercial passenger service is provided by American Airlines with service to Dallas/Forth Worth, United Express to Houston Intercontinental, and Allegiant which offers year round scheduled service to Las Vegas and seasonal service to Orlando-Sanford.  Privated fixed wind and helicopter service is available.

The airport has dedicated air freight facilities in excess of 200,000 sq. ft.  Scheduled Air Cargo service is provided by UPS and FedEx.  There are 30+ Air Cargo charter operators that offer on-demand service from LRD including Northern Air Cargo, USA Jet/TSM, Kallita Charters, IFL, Everts Air, Freight runners, and many others.  For 2015, LRD was ranked as the 50th largest All-Cargo airport in the United States.

The Airport has an active Foreign Trade Zone program and is also the Grantee for FTZ 94 which services all of Webb County.  Non-aeronautical properties continue to be developed into a world class medical campus.  Additional City, State, and Federal facilities have been built such as a U.S. Veteran’s Clinic, State Attorney General’s Office, City Police Department, and Municipal Court.

The Laredo International Airpot has become a diverse professional campus servicing both the Airline and Aviation industry and the needs of the community.


Deep Water Port: Corpus Christi – 6th largest deep-water port in the U.S.  & 3rd largest bulk-handling port in the U.S.  Channel Depth: 45 ft. Width: 400 ft.  Directly connected to Laredo by the Texas – Mexican Railroad Hwy.  Distance from Laredo: 156 miles Deep Water Port: Houston – 2nd in the U.S. in foreign tonnage, 2nd in total tonnage and is one of the world’s 10 busiest ports. Channel Depth: mean low tide of 40 ft.  Width: 400 ft.  Directly connected to Laredo by the Texas – Mexican Railroad Hwy.  Distance from Laredo: 301 miles.


I.H. 35 – To San Antonio, Dallas & north to the Canadian Border. (Pan American Highway)

Hwy 59 – To Houston, New Orleans & east. (Future I-69 Corridor) Hwy 359 – To Corpus Christi Hwy 83 – To Brownsville (east) & El Paso (west) (Proposed port-to-plain corridor)


Industrial activity in the Laredo area is served from all points by virtually every motor freight carrier in the U. S. providing interstate services. In addition, Laredo is the only border city serviced by ICC licensed cross border “drayage” carriers that provide international service between Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Tamps. Laredo has 210 freight forwarders, 319 trucking companies and 110 licensed U.S. Customs Brokers.


Laredo is serviced by Union Pacific Railroad and Kansas City Southern.Union Pacific Railroad, the largest railroad in North America. Union Pacific covers 23 states across two thirds of the United States and has rail lines serving many major cities including Chicago, Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, and Houston. UP also has direct connections to all areas of Mexico and Canada. Laredo is Union Pacific’s #1 Rail Interchange Gateway on the U.S./Mexico Border. Union Pacific Railroad Fast Facts:

  • Route Miles – 32,300
  • Employees – 50,000
  • Annual Payroll – $3.7 billion
  • Purchases Made – $6.9 billion
  • Locomotives – 8,500
  • Freight Cars – 104,700

KCSR (Kansas City Southern Railroad) interchanges with the BNSF (Burlington Nothern Santa Fe) and UPRR and other U.S. Railroads and owns the KCSM that interchanges at Brownsville and Laredo, Texas.


Americanos USA, Autobuses Latino de Greyhound, El Conejo Bus Lines, El Metro (Laredo Municipal Transit System), Greyhound, Ybarra Brothers, El Aguila (County Transit System), El Expresso Bus Company, and Giros El Paisano.


Overnight Terminal
Federal Express Yes Yes
DHL Worldwide Yes Yes
Profit Freight Systems Yes Yes
Airborne Express Yes Yes
UPS Yes Yes
Lonestar Yes Yes

H. TRADE HANDLING SERVICESThe following Associations can be reached through the Laredo Development Foundation:

Laredo Customs Brokers Association(LBA)- Laredo’s customhouse brokers are the most experienced on the U.S./Mexico border. Many of the current brokers are operating family-owned companies established in the late 1850’s.

Logistics & Manufacturing Association Port Laredo(LMA) – is an organization established to represent and promote long-term industrial and allied service interest to Los Dos Laredos.

Laredo Transportation Association(LTA) – Consists of trucking companies, freight forwarders, railroads, and air freight companies.

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