28 Sep 2021

1st. Generation “Programa Acelera” Graduation Ceremony

The Programa Acelera, was a 6 month pilot program for Mexican entrepreneurs to learn how to establish their business in the US. The program consisted of masterclasses in US accounting, International banking, legal registration, CBP regulations and requirements, becoming a vendor and logistics and transportation.
These webinars along with monthly mentoring sessions gave the group the opportunity to get registered and prepare for launch in the US.

After successfully concluding this pilot program on September 28, the graduation ceremony for the first generation of Grupo Acelera was held at the MileOne facilities.
The graduates, represent a wide range of industries:

  • Edison Dario Giraldo Velasquez – Novocart – Cardboard Distribution
  • Geisol Yoseline Ramirez Alcala – CYG Freight Forwarders Mexico
  • Oscar Adrian Urdiales Galindo – Urdiales Soluciones Aduanales e Intregales
  • Jose Mora Heredia – Kupandari Exportaciones – Exportation of Aguacate
  • Isai Emmanuel Motuto Rodriguez – Productos Motuto – Exportation of Aguacate
  • Arturo Ramirez Valencia – Industrias Giagaros – Exportation of Bullfrogs
  • Mario Cesar Ibarra Carpio – Avomic – Exportaciones – Exportation of Aguacate
  • Luis Fernando Guzman Padilla – Exportation of cloths and animal clothing
  • Ana Cecilia Haro Sandoval – Macana Trade Services – Latin Box (Candy and Aguacate)
  • David Saucedo Velasquez – Tesoro Tarasco – Silver and Copper accessories
  • Salvador Arias Gutierrez – Nopalli Mich – Exportation of Nopal
  • Paloma Cuevas Benitez – Benitez Centeno Y Asociados – Software Solutions
  • Jorge Andres Tena Garcia – Accedo Consultoria y Negocios – Distribution

These 13 entrepreneurs will utilize MileOne as a soft landing to grow their business through our International Incubator. They have gained the knowledge to do business in the US and we look forward to helping them grow within the Laredo region and contribute to economic development, industry growth and quality jobs for our community.