LEDC activities are structured under four divisions, three operating and one internal:

Industrial Attraction Division

The Industrial Attraction Division is a one-stop resource center focused entirely to assisting new businesses locate or expand in Laredo for the purpose of creating jobs and expanding our tax base through direct capital investments. In addition, this division showcases the opportunities and benefits that Laredo and Webb County offer businesses and corporations seeking new locations for their business. The industrial development team works closely with new prospects to deliver a wide range of services and information to facilitate the search process for site selectors. We conduct property site tours, presentations, and meetings with community stakeholders and provide the most current community data and economic indicators report. We also work with the City of Laredo and Webb County to provide economic incentives support.

If you are interested in visiting Laredo, or would like economic/demographic information, please contact Yvette Sanchez at (956) 722-0563 or via email at ysanchez@laredoedc.org

Special Projects Division

The Special Projects Division prepares and maintains up to date economic reports and forecasts, partners with community stakeholders for needed workforce and educational resources and infrastructure projects and assists trade industry alliances such as the Border Trade Alliance and other groups in promoting border interests.

Administration Division

The Administration Division oversees contracts, adheres to strict financial procedures, annual audits, preparing financial statements, board minutes and staff reports as well as performing special tasks assigned by the Board. Also, this division is responsible for staff training and maintaining membership in the International Economic Development Council, the Southern Economic Development Council and the Texas Economic Development Council.
International Business Assistance Center / MileOne

International Business Assistance Center / MileOne

The International Business Assistance Center (IBAC) will promote entrepreneurship and international trade for the Laredo and Webb County South Texas region, encourage FDI by facilitating the process of establishing a business in the U.S., and assist U.S. companies who want to expand their business services into Mexico.  As a support center, the IBAC will assist and guide companies through the process of establishing or expanding their business in a foreign country.

For more information about the IBAC you can contact Cesar G. Hernandez at chernandez@mileoneinc.com