17 Nov 2022

AT&T Fiber Expansion Ribbon Cutting

Gene Lindgren, LEDC President & CEO, was invited to participate and speak at the ribbon cutting for AT&T Fiber expansion in Laredo, TX. AT&T is expanding its award-winning fiber network to serve more residential and small business locations across the Laredo area and continuing its efforts to close the digital divide and connect people wherever they live and work.

AT&T announced the new availability of AT&T Fiber to nearly 1,000 customer locations in parts of Laredo. These new locations are in addition to the thousands of customer locations across Laredo that currently have access to AT&T Fiber in the area. The event was attended by Texas State Rep. Richard Raymond, City of Laredo Councilmember Ruben Gutierrez, Texas Senator Tracy O. King representative Lupita Zepeda, U.S. Congressman Henry Cuellar representative Marco Salazar, Laredo College Economic Development Director Michael Gonzalez, Laredo Morning Times Editor in Chief Bill Green, and other members of the business community. 

Lindgren stated “The LEDC markets and promotes the Laredo region for businesses of all types to grow, invest and create jobs here, in Laredo, Webb County, and our sister city of Nuevo Laredo. We are actively supporting projects in the medical industry, downtown redevelopment, commercial centers, agriculture, cold chain sectors, energy projects, educational institutions, and infrastructure in all of its forms; roads, bridges, electricity, water, and gas.  And what do all businesses, residents, and students of Laredo need? Reliable, cutting-edge, fast, and competitive broadband connectivity.  

The LEDC applauds this announcement, and we are proud to be able to support AT&T’s investment in our community.”