08 Jul 2023

Breakfast with the Mayor series

LEDC President & CEO Gene Lindgren attended the July version of Breakfast with the Mayor, hosted by the Laredo Chamber of Commerce. 

During the opening remarks, Mr. Lindgren was given an opportunity to speak about Laredo’s global trade figures. Global trade from all ports to all countries this year so far through May is down 3% compared to last year. However, the Port of Laredo is showing double-digit growth, at over 10%, while the other top 5 ports such as Los Angeles, Chicago O’Hare, JFK Airport, and Newark are down between 1% and 10% each.

This dynamic has launched Port Laredo to the number one spot among all ports in the United States. How is this possible? Near-shoring and its impact have led to over 20,000 trucks per day crossing our efficient bridge system and being processed through our supply chain eco-system, figures that are years ahead of projections. 

Positive exposure from publications such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, trade journals, and having a consistent presence at conferences is leading to a high level of interest and commitments from non-local companies that will result in significant investment and job creation projects in our thriving region.