The Port of Laredo, Texas is located on U.S. Interstate 35 and Mexico’s Pan American Highway; 150 miles west of the deepwater port of Corpus Christi; 150 miles north of highly industrialized Monterrey, Mexico; 150 miles south of San Antonio, Texas; and just across the Rio Grande River from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

With an estimated population of 236,091 in the year 2010, Laredo has experienced a growth of 7% with an estimated population of 255,205 by April 2020.  With approximately 412,365 living across the border in our Sister City of Nuevo Laredo, the Los Dos Laredos region has a combined population of over 667,570 habitants.


City of Laredo:  59,411 acres or 92,83 sq. mi.

County of Webb:  2,148,480 acres or 3,357 sq. mi.

Topography: Relatively flat with rolling hills

Average Elevation: 438 feet