02 Jun 2017

Educational Forum on 4A/4B Economic Development Sales Tax

The City of Laredo, AEP Texas and Laredo Development Foundation hosted an Educational Forum on 4A/4B Economic Development Sales Tax, Thursday, June 1, 2017, at Joe A. Guerra Public Library.

Carlton Schwab, President/CEO of Texas Economic Development Council (TEDC) explained the fundamental ideas and rules behind these tax plans at the workshop and mentioned that an economic development tax would be great for Laredo and explained the difference between a Type A and a Type B tax.

During the workshop were present Ray Covey, AEP TEXAS Manager of Economic and Business Development, Tony Arce, AEP Manager of External Affairs and 2017 LDF President, Olivia Varela, Executive Director at LDF, City Council Members Nelly Vielma, Roberto Balli, Charlie San Miguel and Cynthia Collazo, Deputy City Manager