20 Apr 2018

Gateway to the Americas International Bridge reopens

April 20, 2018.- After a year of renovations, the International Bridge One is set to re-open for traffic crossing the Texas-Mexico Border.
Ahead of the re-opening, a celebration was held to commemorate one of the largest federal investments ever made in Laredo.
Over 100 million dollars has gone into the renovations for both bridges one and two.
Bridge one will be reopening on April 29th and it’s the only pedestrian crossing between the downtown area of Laredo and Nuevo Laredo.
The main building was completely modernized to help with the flow of foot traffic.
In 2016 the bridge saw more than 3.5 million pedestrian crossings. Bicycle lanes were added as well as upgraded technology.
Bridge two is also undergoing some renovations at the moment and is expected to be complete by this December.