06 Sep 2022

Governor Abbott met with local entrepreneurs in Laredo for a small business roundtable

Office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott met with local entrepreneurs today for a small business roundtable at Laredo Economic Development Corporation’s (LEDC) International Business Assistance Center, MileOne, in downtown Laredo. 

The roundtable was followed by a press conference where Gene Lindgren, LEDC President & CEO talked briefly about the mission and successes of MileOne followed by Leslie Ward, President of AT&T Texas, for comments related to the importance of broadband connectivity and AT&T’s efforts to reach more residents and businesses with fiber optic infrastructure and high speeds. 

Darren Schauer, General Manager and CEO of GVEC and representative of Texas Broadband Now, presented Governor Abbott with The Broadband Trailblazer Award for his leadership to provide funding and fair legislation to facilitate affordable broadband connectivity for cities and rural areas in Texas. 

Finally, Governor Abbott spoke about the importance of broadband availability and affordability for residents, students, entrepreneurs, and businesses which will continue to keep Texas as a leader in job creation and investment for years to come. 

Gene Lindgren said “We were honored that the Governor came to Laredo for this event and humbled that our beautiful downtown facility MileOne was the chosen venue.  

MileOne provides co-working, incubator, and launchpad programs helping both local and international entrepreneurs launch and expand their businesses, and several have already graduated and opened their own brick-and-mortar sites, many in downtown and inner-city.  

Laredo is underserved with high-speed internet access for a number of reasons and the programs outlined in today’s announcement are certainly welcomed and applauded.”