28 Nov 2017

Laredo Development Foundation rebrands itself as Laredo Economic Development Corporation

In a move defining the ‘Next Chapter’ for a long-standing organization, the Laredo Development Foundation has rebranded itself to become the Laredo Economic Development Corporation (LEDC.) The rebranding comes as part of a major outreach program to expand the organization’s promotion of the city’s benefits to companies and industries considering where to locate their operations.

The new name and a new logo were unveiled during ceremonies Tuesday morning at the organization’s 616 Leal Street location.  LEDC representatives discussed the changes along with plans to expand outreach efforts with site selectors across the country.  An open house followed the unveiling ceremonies.

The new logo design features scaling bars that represent growth and experience, both for the 51-year-old organization and the community.  Additionally, the four scaling bars and the relative curve along the base of the design allude to Laredo’s four international bridges.

“These changes mark an expansion of the very important work performed by our organization since its incorporation on Nov. 16, 1966,” said Board President Tony Arce, Jr.   “As the Laredo Economic Development Corporation, we will continue to serve as the primary private-sector point of contact providing assistance to new and expanding business prospects.  As in the past, we will continue to promote and market Laredo, Webb County and its sister city of Nuevo Laredo as a dynamic region for global trade and market opportunities for targeted industries.”

“The decision to change the logo drew an immediate consensus from the Board of Directors, who acknowledged the benefit of a modernization of our brand.  The renaming of the iconic ‘L.D.F.’ is designed to more clearly define and communicate the role of the organization, that of a private sector economic development entity.  The new name is readily recognizable across the state and country, particularly to site selectors,” stated Executive Director Olivia Varela.

The LEDC is a private, non-profit that provides community data and economic indicators for business prospects and investors, site selection services, assistance with and screening for incentives from the city, county, and state, as well as research information requested by clients.


Laredo Economic Development Corporation