30 Apr 2020

Laredo EDC COVID-19 Impact Meetings-April 2020

In response to the business disruptions caused by COVID-19, the Laredo EDC Board of Directors voted to have weekly  updates via teleconference on community and governmental information.

Hosted by LaredoEDC Chairman Tony Arce, and President and CEO Olivia Varela, the weekly forum provides discussion opportunities on the week’s topic to all LEDC members, business and trade partners, and government officials.

Topics have included Laredo’s health industry, cyber security in the midst of digital communication and rising online shopping, State perspective on economic development, Texas Workforce, Border Infrastructure Master Plan, and coming up: Impact on Education, Oil and Gas Industry, Commercial and Retail, plus more. 

April 22- The Laredo Economic Development Corporation held its weekly COVID-19 Impact Meeting with special participation from Adriana Cruz, Executive Director of Economic Development and Tourism Office of Texas Governor Gregg Abbott and Larry McManus, Director, Business and Community Development.

During the video conference meeting, Ms. Cruz and Mr. McManus presented and discussed state  with LEDC membership and community partners. 

April 29- Continuing with the LEDC weekly COVID-19 Impact Meetings, hosted Texas Secretary of State Ruth R. Hughs and Commissioner Aaron Demerson, Representing Employers for the Texas Workforce Commission as special guests.

During the discussion Secretary Hughs and Commissioner Demerson gave important updates on resources available at the Workforce Commission and State office.