08 Jun 2022

Laredo EDC Healthcare Committee Meeting

On June 2nd, the Laredo Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) committee on health care coordinated a meeting with the LEDC Sponsored Healthcare Advisory at Gateway Community Health Center (GCHC). 

Guest speaker Dr. Richard Chamberlain of the City of Laredo Health Department, along with Elmo Lopez, GCHC CEO and committee co-chair, reviewed the proposal from Health Management Associates to provide an assessment and feasibility study of Laredo area hospitals and current medical facilities/services, including local healthcare workforce and further identify opportunities for the possible creation of a new Laredo Area Hospital District and/or Municipal Hospital Authority.  Valuable comments and feedback were provided by the healthcare leaders in attendance which included CEOs, Executive Directors, Deans, and private sector representatives from our community’s hospitals, clinics, educational institutions, workforce organizations, and local government.