23 Jan 2020

Laredo EDC welcomes Tony Arce, Jr. as Chairman for 2020

The Laredo EDC Board of Directors has selected Tony Arce, Jr. as Chairman of the Board for 2020 which will mark his fourth concurrent year.
As Manager of External Affairs for AEP Texas in Laredo, Tony facilitates electric service projects, communications and economic development objectives with city and county governments including Laredo, Zapata, Freer, Hebbronville, Falfurrias, and Encinal.
Tony has more than 32 years of experience with AEP Texas and has worked in marketing, energy management research projects, corporate communications, and community affairs.  Tony was appointed to the position of Manager of External Affairs in Laredo in 2014 after serving in the same position in Uvalde for 7 years. Congratulations Mr. Chairman!

Message from Laredo EDC Chairman of the Board 

Thanks to the Laredo EDC Board of Directors for electing me as the Chairman for 2020.  I am truly honored and excited to be working with a talented group of board and Laredo EDC team members. I believe that the Laredo EDC has taken positive steps during the last several years and I look forward to continuing to build on the momentum that we have created for our organization.As we continue our mission to promote economic growth for the Laredo region, it will be important to focus on education.  Education plays a crucial role in securing economic growth and employment.  We will work to create an education committee to identify opportunities that will help address the need for a qualified workforce in our region.Another focus area is increasing membership.  Thanks to all our members for investing in the Laredo EDC.  We will continue communicating the value of investing and utilizing the resources offered by  the Laredo EDC and welcome your feedback. Finally, we will continue working with our partners in the city, county, state, educational, international and other agencies to synchronize our efforts and create a healthy economy we all want for our future.

We can do this by…Staying Connected,

Tony Arce, Jr.

Laredo EDC Chairman