09 Nov 2017

Laredos Dia de la Maquiladora 2017

Laredo celebrated the event “Laredos Dia de la Maquiladora” at the Club Campestre in Nuevo Laredo on November 8th, 2017.

This special event was hosted by Laredo Development Foundation, Secretaria de Desarrollo Economico de Nuevo Laredo, Logistics & Manufacturing Association, INDEX, and CODEIN, were we celebrate one of our region’s most significant industries, we proudly recognize the manufacturing companies of Los Dos Laredos!

During the event were present City of Laredo Mayor, Pete Saenz, City of Nuevo Laredo Mayor, Enrique Rivas Cuellar, Secretary of Economic Development from the State of Tamaulipas, Ing. Carlos Talancón Ostos, Laredo Development Foundation Executive Director, Olivia Varela, Secretary of Economic Development in Nuevo Laredo, Ing. Fco. Javier Solis, dignitaries, businessmen, the private sector and maquiladora representatives.

Awards presented to recognize the achievements of the following Maquiladoras:

Highest Percentage Growth in Job Generation in 2017

  1. Delphi Alambrados Automotrices
  2. Modine Transferencia de Calor

Greatest Investment in 2017

  1. Delphi Alambrados Automotrices

 Socially Responsible Company of 2017  

  1. GST Auto Leather

 Honorable Recognition for its Recent Installation in the Laredo Region in 2017

  1. Delphi Alambrados Automotrices
  2. OES Nearsourcing Mexico

 Company with Lowest Staff  Turnover in 2017

  1. Caterpillar Tecnologia Moficada

Company with Development Program in Environmental Improvement in 2017     

  1. Sony Nuevo Laredo

Company with greatest gender equity in 2017

  1. Controlex TEMEX Robertshaw