05 Aug 2019

Logistics Development Forum in Colorado

Laredo EDC President & CEO, Olivia Varela attended the The 2019 Logistics Development Forum in Colorado, August 5-7, 2019.

This annual program delivers industry leadership and expertise to facilitate a two-way dialogue between economic developers and site consultants and addresses the importance of logistics in a corporation’s decision for a new manufacturing distribution and/or warehousing location. Individual meetings with site selectors, educational sessions and network with peers on topics that included the impact of artificial intelligence on Supply Chains and Site Selection, e-commerce logistics, food & beverages attraction, workforce readiness and more. The Logistics Development Forum is the only Conference with a focus on the importance of the supply chain and site selection process. The Forum hits many components of the site location decision that are high priorities for companies making the siting decision and which can be strengths that economic development professionals can sell.