21 Oct 2021

Programa Acelera Virtual Graduation

During the first inaugural flight to Mexico, our dignitaries and Pepe Carmona and President /CEO Gene Lindgren met for a networking dinner which sparked a conversation with Lucy Ponce from Circulo de Exportadores, a group of Entrepreneurs from the Michoacan region. This led to the development of Programa Acelera, a 6-month pilot program for Mexican entrepreneurs to learn how to establish their business in the US.

The program consisted of masterclasses in US accounting, International banking, legal registration, CBP regulations, and requirements, becoming a vendor and logistics and transportation. These webinars along with monthly mentoring sessions gave the group the opportunity to get registered and prepare for launch in the US.

Virtual graduation was held in October for those who could not travel for the live graduation in September. These entrepreneurs will utilize MileOne as a soft landing to grow their business through our International Incubator. They have gained the knowledge to do business in the US and we look forward to helping them grow within the Laredo region and contribute to economic development, industry growth, and quality jobs for our community.