23 Sep 2019

Rep. Cuellar Secures Over $117 Million for the Completion of Bridge I and Bridge II Expansion and Modernization Project

Laredo, TX-On Monday, Congressman Henry Cuellar (TX-28) announced the completion of the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge expansion project in Laredo.

Congressman Cuellar secured over $117 million  for the completion of the Puente de Las Americas Bridge I and the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge II expansion and modernization projects. Specifically, the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge received $86,703,808. The completion of the Bridge II Project will significantly ease pedestrian and vehicle traffic as well as upgrade the facility to increase efficiency and functionality. 

Since 1995, bus traffic has increased 98% and bus passenger traffic by 233%.  The Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge is ranked as one of the busiest crossing for bus passengers, processing 41,856 buses and 1,039,605 bus passengers in 2016. In the same year, Bridge II processed an additional 4,605,050 automobiles. Complete Press Release soon, click here to view.