22 Jul 2023

Roundtable Discussion with U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Henry Cuellar

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Henry Cuellar held a roundtable discussion with City officials and other community leaders to discuss the bipartisan efforts to expedite the approval of several projects along the Texas-Mexico Border, including the expansion of World Trade and Colombia Bridges.

The congressmen reviewed legislation they support on both the Senate and House sides that would expedite the presidential permit approvals that are currently being held up by the executive branch awaiting environmental study completion.

The legislation proposes to streamline the process allowing for concurrent activities to be able to avoid delays to this much-needed bridge expansion that could last years. The Laredo region is preparing to support tremendous near-shoring growth which will have the benefit of further reducing our country’s dependence on trade with China.

The congressmen were optimistic for the approval of the legislation and supporting comments were provided by the attendees consisting of government and private sector representatives up and down the U.S. Mexico Border and south Texas.

This great progress is a testament to the legislative efforts that include the Laredo delegation trips to Washington, D.C., the subsequent follow-up advocacy activities, and consistent messaging by the public and private sectors for what our critical port needs to support Texas and the rest of the country as the No. 1 port in North America. 

In attendance at the event was Laredo EDC President and CEO Gene Lindgren.