Rates are per $100 property value at 100% of appraised value for the fiscal year.

A. Local Property Taxes

City of Laredo: 0.570000 City of Laredo: 0
County: County:
Webb County 0.390000 Webb County 0.390000
Laredo College 0.287386 Road & Bridge 0
Laredo I.S.D. 1.384500 Webb CISD 1.084900
TOTAL TAX 2.631886  
United I.S.D. 1.031079    
TOTAL TAX 2.278465 TOTAL TAX 1.474900
 B. Local Sales Tax

State:     6.25

City:       1.00

Sports Venue: 0.25

Transit: 0.25 (Laredo’s public transportation system which has the highest ridership in the U.S.)

County:  0.50

Total:     8.25%

*Franchise Tax: .04500 (variable)


A. Electricity http://www.powertochoose.org/

AEP Texas, Ambit Energy, TXU Energy Inc., Reliant Energy, First Choice Power, Inc., CPL Retail Energy, Green Mountain Energy Co., Entergy Solutions, WTU Retail Energy, Utility Choice Electric, GEXA Energy, ACN Energy, Inc., Cirro Corp., Energy America (Centrica), Medina Electric.

See www.powertochoose.org for additional information.

 B. Tele-Communications

Long-Distance Companies: AT&T Company, Lone Star Telecom, MCI Telecommunications, Sprint, Laredo Cellular, T&H Telephone Services, and U.S. Long Distance.

Telephone Company: AT&T, T-Mobile-Verizon, Spectrum, Metro, Sprint, Cricket, Boost Mobile.

Services Available:

  • ATM cell relay ISDN PRI
  • Enterprise network support Frame Relay
  • DSL internet service Select Data
  • 800-Conference Long Distance
For other services available contact:  956-727-6703

C. Natural Gas

Distributor: Center Point

Size Of Dist. Line: 12 inches 4 inch

Distri. Line Pressure 100 PSI 100 PSI

Distri. Line Pressure: 10-15 PSI 10-20 PSI

Average BTU per

Cubic Foot: 1000 BTU/CF     1000 BTU/CF

Center Point/

Reliant Energy/Entex (956) 723-6351

D. Water

Source: Rio Grande
Maximum Daily System Capacity: 65mill.gal./day

Maximum Daily Use: (water plant) 60 mill. gal./day

Overhead Storage Capacity:11 mill. gal./day

Ground Storage Capacity: 3644 mill. gal.

Size of Mains: 12″ to 36″

The system is looped.

NOTE: The City of Laredo is rapidly expanding both the water system and the sewer system.


E. Sewer

Type of Treatment Plant: Secondary

Maximum Capacity: 21.0 mill. gal.

Present Load: 85%
F. Industrial Waste

Disposal Services are available.