The Laredo EDC created the Economic Development Industry (EDI) Awards to recognize individuals and industries whose achievements have made a significant contribution and lasting impact towards the growth and betterment of our community.

The EDI recognition complements the mission of the Laredo EDC to promote and foster the economic and industrial development of the Laredo region.

Created in 2016 by International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the largest international professional trade association for economic developers, Economic Development Week aims to increase awareness for local programs that create jobs, advance career development opportunities, and improve the quality of life in communities everywhere.

During economic development week, the LEDC hosts an array of events along side with the great partnerships it has with the City of Laredo’s Economic Development Department and the Laredo Chamber of Commerce.

Historically known as the Greater Laredo Development Foundation (GLDF), and after rebranding itself in 2017 as the Laredo Economic Development Corporation (LEDC), was first certified as the 17th Accredited Economic Development Organization (AEDO) in the nation by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) in 2000. The LEDC has maintained its international standing with its most recent re-certifications in 2014, 2018 and as of 2022, it is 1 of only 74 in the nation as an accredited economic development organization.

The Laredo Economic Development Corporation is proud to present the 30th Pathways for Trade, The North American Logistics and Manufacturing Symposium in Laredo, Texas, September 20-21, 2023.

This year’s theme is entitled Cold Chain: Supply Innovations and Trends.” and will be focused on top issues facing 3PLs and cold storage warehousing including the following topics: Power Consumption, Labor and Productivity, Long-Term Contracts, Industry Consolidation, Cold Storage Layout, Freezer-Grade Solutions, Multiple Cold Temperature Zones, and Multiple Regulations and Requirements.