20 Nov 2019

Texas Governor’s Office-South Texas Communities Outreach Meeting

November 20- The Laredo Economic Development Corporation hosted a Regional Community Outreach meeting with the Texas Governor’s Office of Economic Development.

During the event, staff members provided a presentation on the services offered by the office, the lead generation and response process, and incentives and financing options available at the state level. Participants in the event were representatives of the Economic Development Offices and Chamber of Commerce of the region, such as Juan Estrada, City of Dilley Manager, Victoria Dühring, Uvalde Area Chamber of Commerce Director, Pam Garza, Freer Chamber of Commerce President, Melinda Rheinfeldt, Cotulla La Salle County Chamber of Commerce Manager, Webb County Economic Development Office and City of Laredo Economic Develop Office, Annie Calandruccio, Project Coordinator, Tad Curtis, Project Coordinator, Alex Radtki, Project Coordinator and Priscilla Duran, Regional Community Representative from the Office of the Texas Governor Gregg Abbott.