20 Nov 2019

Women Entrepreneurs Rock – Part 5: Wellness & Business

November 20-In the 5th installment of Women Entrepreneurs Rock, Bernadette Galvan – entrepreneur, professional athlete, and event promoter -outlined the benefits of staying active and fit, which she believes can lead to a more productive and successful business life.

Bernadette is the owner of Rock Fitness Center in Laredo, Texas and serves as the Vice-Chair for the National Physique Committee in the state of Texas. 

In 2018, she launched her own brand, “bGalvanized”. bGalvanized calls for action, motivation, and commitment to exercising. It offers fitness gear and fitness apparel.

Moderating the talk will be Martha Victoria Valdez, Spanish Programs and Mentorship Manager at PeopleFund. Come connect with like-minded female entrepreneurs and leaders looking for the same thing: to learn, grow, and help each other do so.